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Repair & Overhaul

 When a clock is brought to us for Repair/Overhaul you can rest assured that the task will be carried out both thoroughly and professionally. Each job is treated individually and given great care and attention - precisely what any owner should be able to expect. Traditional methods and tools are used as well as a handful of "modern" equipment. We see too many clocks that have received bodged repairs or have simply been dunked in a cleaning bath "as is." Unsurprisingly, such methods are simply not acceptable to a professional Horologist. At Wightime we strip, clean and repair EVERY job manually. The majority of the maintenance, cleaning and tender loving care is administered by hand with all relevant movement parts also visiting one of  two Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths during the whole process - but NOT whilst a movement is still assembled.

As an example, a "routine" repair of a clock movement will involve inspection, dismantling, inspection, repairing and cleaning as/where necessary, re-bushing as/where necessary, ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning by hand, re-assembly, lubrication, inspection, testing and a return of movement to case for final testing. The bulk of this process can take hours or days depending upon the type and condition of any one movement. Full testing/running in and timing generally takes 2-4 weeks or longer if adjustments are undertaken. 

All work is carried out on the premises with some time consuming damage to parts being passed to equally long established and professional specialists. This assists with the progress of any one project - a vital asset in a workshop that is as busy as ours.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, perseverance and patience are generally very rewarding when tackling clock movements with or without serious problems. No matter how long it takes, the more complicated and prolonged tasks become a labour of love when working towards a successful outcome. Time cannot be hurried (quite literally) and to rush any work is simply not an option.

Please Note that ALL repair work is carried out at the workshop. It is not possible to work on any clock whilst it remains with the owner.

The correct facilities and tools must be employed at all times.

Setting Up

A setting up service is available where we visit your home/premises to set up a clock or clocks after a move, redecoration etc. We will also take large/Longcase clocks into our care ahead of a planned house move (movement/pendulum/weights only for Longcase clocks) and then deliver and install them when the move is complete.

Movement Replacement

We not only deal with Antique and Modern Clocks but also those from the battery powered (Quartz) generation. Quartz timepiece and chiming movements do become life expired with an average life expectancy of 8-12 years (from our experience) but a new lease of life to beloved clocks is possible. As long as the construction of the clock permits, we can replace the standard quartz movements (excluding Alarm Clocks) and supply new hands if/where required. We also stock the most popular replacement mini-quartz movements for the ever-growing range of collectable novelty and miniature clocks on the market.

Other than in extreme cases, mechanical clocks will not be butchered in favour of a quartz movement.

Glass Replacement

A selection of clock glasses are held in stock with others available to order. Bevelled edge and "non-standard" glasses for carriage clocks/barometers etc can also be supplied via a Specialist glass cutter.

Photography For Insurance/Valuation Purposes

An additional service is available in the form of providing high quality photographs of your clock or clocks on a photo CD to keep safe for use in the event of fire, burglary or if required by your insurance company.


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